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Marketing trend or great for business – what’s the deal with custom printed paper bags?



Marketing trend or great for business –   what’s the deal with custom printed paper  bags?

Why you should be using custom printed paper bags for your business?

Printed paper bags are all the range amongst high end stores these days, so what are the benefits for retailers and is it worth making the change?





Marketing trend or great for business – what’s the deal with custom printed paper bags?

You’ll have noticed more and more people using paper bags to carry their goods on the high street these days. From high fashion brands like Vasari down to household names, everyone seems to be packaging their goods in custom printed paper bags.

There’s a range of reasons why paper bags are a great choice for business – from low environmental impact and reusability, to adding to a luxurious brand identity.


So, let’s delve into the reasons why custom printed paper bags should be at the top of your shopping list.

Paper bags are better for the environment

They’re biodegradable and aren’t manufactured using nasty chemicals like their plastic alternatives. So not only are paper bags great for reducing pollution from manufacturing processes, they also won’t end up cluttering a landfill site for decades to come.


You can recycle your paper bag, and they’re often made of recycled material!

The best way to help the environment is by recycling, and paper bags are strong and sturdy enough to be used over, and over again. When they’re done, put them in with your paper recycling and they’ll be used to make something else. We think that’s awesome.


Custom printed bags are a great form of advertising

Not only can you have your logo printed on a paper bag, but you can also have any colour, or design of your choice. Whatever your marketing message, you can broadcast it to your target audience for free when your customers carry their purchase home.


What’s better for business than seeing a happy customer carrying your logo around on a paper bag?

Paper bags can be a luxurious addition to your brand.

Branding is so important to any business, and custom paper bags come in a variety of types. We’re not just talking about a plain brown bag here, from laminated paper bags to rope twist handles – there’s a whole range available to suit your brand identity.


Avoid the plastic carrier bag levy.

If you don’t want to charge your customers every time they need a carrier bag, paper bags are the way to go. They’re not included in the government’s levy, and customers will be grateful when they’ve forgotten to bring their ‘bag for life’ out with them.

Traditionally, a quality paper bag is a mark of exclusivity, and has been the reserve of superior brands until now. Custom printed bags are now available to any retailer and there’s no reason not to make the change from plastic bags when your brand position will improve and your customers will benefit.


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